Peak Oil

In close partnership with Peak Oil GmbH, we have launched the Peak Oil brand with the slogan 'Simply install solar systems yourself'. Peak Oil is actively driving the energy turnaround by offering crafty people the opportunity to install their own low-cost PV system.

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • UX / UI design
  • Web development
  • Online marketing
Ausschnitte aus dem Brand Book von Peal Oil - Peel & Pulp Digital

The challenge

When people think of installing solar panels, they think it is a very complex subject and feel insecure. The purchase and installation is perceived as a very big risk. Potential customers need support before, during and after the purchase and would prefer to have a complete package and a place where they can buy everything.

Ausschnitt Anleitung auf der Website von Peak Oil - Peel & Pulp Digital.

The strategy

Our common goal is to show people that they can do it themselves, install their own PV system, be proud of it and generate their own sustainable electricity as quickly as possible. Our step-by-step instructions and easy-to-understand explanations build confidence and enable customers to implement their project.

Logovariationen von Peak Oil - Peel & Pulp Digital. Schriftarten Peak Oil - Peel & Pulp Digital. Visitenkartendesign Peak Oil - Peel & Pulp Digital.

The brand

In blog articles and videos, customers with a talent for handicrafts are shown exactly how they can plan and install their own solar system. The appropriate products are also displayed. In a future community, (future) PV system owners can exchange information and support each other.

Websitedesign Peak Oil - Peel & Pulp Digital. Ausschnitt-Websitedesign Peak Oil - Peel & Pulp Digital

The development

By choosing Statamic as our CMS, we have chosen a powerful and user-friendly system that leaves us room for creativity in development. While we manage the content through Statamic, we ensure smooth ordering processes through an API in Shopify. The Shopify integration provides a secure payment process and minimises downtime.

Websitedesign Peak Oil - Peel & Pulp Digital.

Look & Feel

Our aesthetic design takes the complexity out of the theme and instead conveys lightness. Based on scientific findings, we create a positive user experience. Customers can orientate themselves effortlessly and are guided by psychological principles that smooth the path to purchase.