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Our services


We find out who your customers are, what they are looking for, how they behave and how you can target them so they buy from you or take another action.


We build a world around your brand that appeals to your customers and sticks in their minds.

UX / UI design

We create a design that guides your customers through your online shop or website.

Web development

We build fast-loading, accessible and modern websites, webshops and web applications. Because the longer your customers wait, the more sales you lose.

Online marketing

We optimise your content for search engines and place ads so that your customers find you.

Consulting & Trainings

We introduce you step by step to online marketing and give you the tools you need.

Our partners trust us

  • The Mobility House
  • Freiberger.Aero
  • American Palinka
  • Peak Oil
  • Habsburg
  • Hechenbichler
  • BPT

  • Peel & Pulp Digital supports our company in several projects. With them, we have found a partner we can trust. They are competent, committed, reliable, quality-oriented and - what is particularly important from my point of view - can think strategically and act operationally.

    Dr. Hanspeter Hueter


Our process

How we start your project

  1. 1

    You contact us

    You can simply call or write us. Please already tell us the most relevant key points about your project.

  2. 2

    We conduct a free initial consultation

    In our first meeting we talk in detail about your project goals, target group, budget, schedule and other essential points.

  3. 3

    You receive your offer

    The offer is completely customised to your project. We will go through it step by step on the phone so that we can clarify your questions.

  4. 4

    We start your project

    You accept the offer and we start breathing life into your project within a month.


What sets Peel & Pulp Digital apart from other top branding and web design agencies?

This question is difficult to answer because there are many very good agencies.

The quality of our work speaks for itself. We create a user-friendly website or online shop for you that is tailored to the needs of your target group or your customers and thus provides them with real added value.

We make sure that we represent your brand in the best possible way and guide your customers through the website with the help of design and behavioural-psychological principles. We know your needs and the relevant factors for a successful launch.

If you want, we can really implement everything from the very beginning. Our service starts with your idea and ends with a ready-made, high-performance and target group-oriented online shop that clearly differentiates you. As a full-service agency, you get an all-round carefree package from us.

We stand for transparency and open communication. We respect your time and don't waste resources on things that don't work. The basis for this is an in-depth analysis of the behaviour of your (potential) customers.

Our success: We are very quality-oriented, committed, close to our customers and always on the cutting edge.

How much does the web design and development of a website or online shop cost?

Our prices depend on the scope of your project and your schedule.

In order for us to be able to make you an offer, we sit down together beforehand and evaluate exactly what your goals are, what ideas you have, what you would like to implement, to what extent and by when.

The offer is completely customised to your project. You will see that we often give you price ranges. This is because all phases of your project are based on the results of the previous phase.

The size of your website, for example, expressed in the number of pages, has a direct influence on how much effort we need to develop your design, and the design again has an influence on the development effort. Besides the design, other factors such as the platform of your future site or online shop are also relevant. Generally, our projects start at a minimum of 10,000 €.

Why shouldn't I just buy a design template for my website?

We attach great importance to high-performance, fast websites and online shops. Often, design templates for websites are not programmed properly and cause your website or online shop to load very slowly.

Customers do not like to wait and will quickly leave your site if it is slow to load. The slower your online shop is, the less sales you generate. This means that your page load time corresponds directly to your turnover.

Besides the negative experience for your customers, the page load time is a decisive ranking factor in Google.

There are many very nice templates where even we can say that the designers have done a great job. In the end, you are always limited by templates and may not be able to implement what you have in your head to the point that you cannot place the content or information in a way that is relevant to your target group and thus lose potential customers.

For many it seems primarily a matter of preference, but there is more to responsive web design (also called UX/ UI design) than making things look nice.

What is your process?

Every project is unique, but it follows a very specific process.

Phase I:

Company and customer analysisIn the first phase, we gain deep insights into your project-specific goals and your customers. Who your customers are, how they act, why they act the way they do, which communication channels they use and how we can best address them.

To do this, we talk to your (potential) customers, analyse the market and look at competitors.

Phase II:

Strategy and conceptBased on what your (potential) customers expect from the online shop and what you want, we develop your strategy and concept.

The result is a strategy paper that serves as a common thread through the project as well as a sitemap that shows how the customer moves through the shop until he completes a purchase.

Phase III:

DesignIn this phase, we jointly define the design that both represents the company and appeals to our previously defined user profiles.

If desired, we conduct continuous user tests and create a comprehensive style guide and overview of all modules used.

Phase IV:

DevelopmentIn this phase, what we have designed is brought to life online and tested. It is important to determine in advance what requirements you have for the shop now and in the future, so that you don't have to ask for expensive change requests afterwards.

Phase V:

Content Management incl. SEO OptimisationWe offer to write the texts for you based on your product content and the findings from the previous phases, enriching them with images and videos to optimally address your users. We make sure that all texts are optimised for Google.

Phase VI:

Online MarketingTo ensure that your website or online shop is found, we run online marketing campaigns for you. This includes Google Ads and Google Shopping Ads as well as email marketing campaigns. If you wish, we can work with partners to place social media ads, e.g. Facebook ads.

I already have an online shop, can you take over the conversion optimisation and further development?

Yes, we also carry out performance analyses and user tests and can then optimise your website or online shop in a targeted manner and implement the optimisation if desired.

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